June 13, 2010

Canterbury, Leeds Castle and USA Soccer

Yesterday the School of Journalism took us on a great excursion to Leeds Castle and Canterbury!

Leeds Castle was one of the most beautiful places I have been during this trip. The gardens surrounding the castle were stunning. Also, the last owner of the castle had a love of birds so there were swans and peacocks roaming the grounds as well as a aviary. The aviary was one of my favorite sites on the property.

After the visit to the castle we journeyed on to Canterbury where we ate lunch (or in my case dessert) at a delicious pub and then browsed the shops that lined the ancient streets of the city.

We arrived home just in time to tune into the USA v. England game. Never in my life have I been so patriotic and excited to watch a soccer game (yes I believe i watched soccer, NOT football). I even ate a hot dog while the game was on. After changing my shirt to wear more patriotic colors, USA scored their goal — tying the game. Essentially a tie was a win for the US and a lose for England! USA USA USA!

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