May 23, 2010

Henges & Baths!

On Saturday, the School of Journalism took my class on a trip to Stonehenge and Bath. With the warmest weather so far this year, it was a great day to see the sights and explore.

We started off on a very quiet two-hour ride to Stonehenge — the majority of the bus was asleep. As we neared closer to Stonehenge, one-by-one heads would wake up and gaze around to take in the farm scenery. Somewhat reminiscent of our corn and soybean farms in southern Indiana, Stonehenge is located in the middle of the English countryside in a hilly landscape featuring a bright yellow flowery crop.

When we first arrived at Stonehenge I believe most in my group were a little disappointed to see that it was literally a road stop in the middle of nowhere. But once we each received our audio tour-guide we began to understand the mystery and appeal of the structure.

In addition to the the history of Stonehenge we saw a real, live sheep farm. That's right... we were just as interested in the massive farm of sheep just next to the monument (If you don't believe that the sheep were really cute just click on the link to my album below this post).

Next it was on to Bath, a town just a few miles outside of Bristol. Bath was established by the Romans as a spa resort thousands of years ago, in dedication to the goddess Minerva. As with any historical British city, the scenery and landscape were breathtaking. We spent a few hours taking in the sights. I, of course, found some time to explore their one-of-a-kind boutique shops as well.

We then went on a tour of Bath Abbey itself. We learned about the history of the Bath while wandering in and out of the various rooms and baths in the complex.

Click here to view my photos!

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  1. Aw that all sounds really cool Amy! My neighbor across the street went to England for a wedding last year and she said the reception was actually at the Roman Baths, so I wonder if she meant where you were?! Haha I'll have to ask her sometime. She said it was beautiful and her pictures were really cool. Can't wait to hear about your next adventure! :-) Love you!!!