May 1, 2010

Is it time?

I can't believe it. For the last two years of my life I have been excited, worried, sad, nervous and happy to think about this time in my life. I have been waiting to travel with my favorite journalism classmates to London. We'll spend eight weeks living together, going to class, working in our ideal media internships and experiencing British culture.

Well, the time is almost here. Exactly one week from now I will be in a plane flying over the Atlantic Ocean embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. Yet I still can't help to be all of those emotions plus more; excited for new experiences, worried about getting around the city alone, sad to leave my amazing boyfriend for eight weeks, nervous that my writing won't fit in with British style and happy that I have been given the opportunity to do this with so many close friends.

I'm continually reviewing "
my plan" in my head to hush any worries I have. So let me lay out my plan for you....

1. Spend the next eight weeks dedicated to my employer (Harvey Nichols) and devote myself to helping out the press and marketing department

2. Get connected at Holy Trinity Brompton Church and find a way to continue to experience and live out God's plan for me — even if I am far away from my home church

3. Explore the fashion culture of London and take advantage of all the opportunities that lie in such a great city

4. Take every opportunity I'm given to meet and learn from professionals in the public relations and marketing industry

5. Lastly... Get a skypephone and call my boyfriend daily to remind him how much I love him!

LONDON — Here I come!


  1. I'm now following you Amy Lynn :-) I'm looking forward to hearing all about the fantastic time you have over there!! You are going to do great so don't worry girl you got this :-) I love you so much big sis! xoxo

  2. Sounds an amazing plan!

    1. Harvey Nichols is quite nice. Really upmarket department store. Good work on getting in there. My little sister works there from time to time in the makeup / beauty department.

    2. You'll love HTB I'm sure.

    3. Fashion is a win. Girls go a little crazy here with so many shops to explore.

    5. Good plan. The poor boy will miss you! Skyping home is good. You can also get calling cards pretty cheap that give you loads of call time for like 5 pounds. Or a phone company I know here gives special deals to call overseas for heavily discounted rates.

    Have fun!

  3. I don't usually blob or have any idea what a skypephone is, but your dad is sure proud of you and am here for anything you need. ly