May 29, 2010

I Love Portobello... Not the Mushrooms

Today was the first dreary, rainy day I have had in London. But the rain was overlooked by the fabulous amount of shopping and hunting that I experienced at Portobello Market in Notting Hill.

For me, shopping is my favorite sport. It requires time, effort and excellent judgement in order to strategically choose which items are worth the money you are investing in them. I find it oddly satisfying to spend hours and hours shopping just to find one or two pieces that are the "best deal ever."

As someone who basks in the sport of shopping, nothing can compare to Portobello Market in the Notting Hill district of London. Stall after stall of antiques, clothes, jewelry, pastries and fresh fruit line both sides of more than two miles of Portobello Street.

After three hours in the market I walked away with a bag full of clothes and accessories, a happy tummy, and a wallet only £15 lighter.

Shopping in Portobello Market = SUCCESS

1 comment:

  1. Hope you are having an AWSOME time over pond; sounds like you are. :)
    We are in New Albany, over the holiday weekend, visiting family and your mom and Grandma C miss you and are excited for you. Tracy and the girls also send their love. God bless we will keep you in our prayers and thoughts. <><
    Your coolest uncle - John

    PS - I sure would like to know how you plan to get all you shopping back to the states. ;)